Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yes I know its Only January, But We are all getting excited for Valentines Day.. Here are some of our most recent projects, Like I said sometimes the people that get these ideas dont always remember where they found them, there are 3 of us who look for stuff, I have been trying really hard to remember where my ideas come from so I can give credit where credit is due, but I applogize if I dont, so if you see something that is from your blog shoot Me and email and I will give you the credit for the orginal idea!
You Craft Me Up This Is Here Original Idea

This Is Ours

More Fun Stuff Stackers & Blocks

Love and Kisses shelf sitter

If you are intrested in any of the above crafts please contact:


  1. Hey thanks! I love your version! You are sweet to give me credit- although I don't think you need to! Yours is completely different! I just might copy yours too! :) Thanks again!

  2. I love your "lots of love" blocks. Super cute! I would love to follow your blog, have you considered adding a subscribe by email option? Feedburner offers this free. Thanks!