Saturday, January 29, 2011

Changeable Signs

his is where the original idea came from Curly Q Crafts .

Its here ... MY POST!!! SUPER CUTE! This one is the $45.00

I have a really good friend who's in the construction business who is making a super cute post for the changeable signs!
Contact me for prices on the post and I will get your information to the person who is doing the post!

So contact Andrea or Stephanie for the changeable boards
or Andrea @
or Stephanie @

These have turned out so DANG cute so far! Our version changes everymonth! HOW FUN IS THAT Changeable is $18.00 each month!


  1. So dang cute!!! I love them... give us all a pat on the back!!

  2. Yes we ALL work hard on them but you and steph did the most! My part was fast!

  3. Looks good!!! That post is so dang cute!!