Wednesday, July 21, 2010


2 more followers and its GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Thanks for looking!!

Here is what the giveway is going to be like! OF COURSE the WINNER will get to personalize it how they would like, this is just a general idea and i will post another picture of one i did for a gift!

Followers!!! Tell your friends and family to become followers of my blog! We are 6 away from doing our FIRST giveaway!!!!!!


  1. Thanks!!! We need 5 more! I will post a pict of what Im doing for the giveaway just a quick as i get it done! Of course it will be personalized for my WINNER! Good luck to ALL Please help me reach my goal for this time by the end of the month!!!

  2. Hey "blog stockers" lol how about you guys become followers... im doing a great giveaway!!!! so whats its going to hurt to become a follower! you are already looking!!!! Thanks to ALL my followers!!! we need 5 more then its giveaway time!!!

  3. We need 2 more follower and we are ready for the giveaway! Watch for picts later of the general idea of the giveaway!!! Thanks to all my followers I promise it will be a good one!!!