Thursday, September 15, 2011


My really good friend Teauna over at: From Cupboard to Cupboard made my sons birthday cake this year. IT was SUPER yummy and WE LOVED THE DECORATING! Thanks Tea! We all loved it and Taten LOVED his BULL RIDER CAKE!


Sorry Im such a Slacker! This Summer has been super crazy, between husbands back doctor appointments and kids and JUST LIFE, I havent done a whole lot with vinyl and to mention I have been waiting for a part for my machine, So that has alot to do with it, and to be honest its been NICE to just do little jobs what I could without the part! Don't know if I will ever do vinyl like I was before but that's okay cause Ive learned alot this SUMMER! FAMILY IS MORE IMPORTANT!

Our family has figured maybe all the dads of our family are destine to have a bad back,
My husband has had 4 back surgeries awaiting the 5th one
My dad has had 2 back surgeries
and recently my brother in law just broke his back so he to has had surgery!

I just feel so bad and know that ALL our lives are already known to us before we come here, just wonder why we pick some our trials but I guess We all will know and be glad we chose these trials instead of what it could have been, if I can learn anything from anybody it would be my husband despite him hurting all the time he still trys to help so when i get home from work i don't have to come home and work more in the house!  I have the best kids ever too! They are a BIG help!

Who knew at 30 and 38 our family might be accepting the fact that daddy  might have to be the stay at home dad. That's super hard for him since he is the "old school cowboy type" that you do whatever you have to to provide for your family!

I cant imagine being in pain 24/7 like my husband is!

Sports Vinyl

Tuesday, May 24, 2011